T-EB 130

Edge Banding


T-EB 130 Non-linear Edgebanding Machine is the right and most economic solution for working with edging materials (PVC, ABS) between 0,4 and 3mm thickness.

It is used to apply bands to both straight and curved edges and with its affordable price and small size it is an indispensable machine for panel furniture makers. Hot air blower unit for ensuring the edging material to stick on the curved edges more easily and effectively is one of the advantages that T-EB 130 offers


Technical data

Line Voltage 400 V – 50 Hz
Nominal Current 11,7 A
Edge Material Thickness Melamin 0,4 – PVC 1-3 mm
Board thickness 50 mm
Running Speed 1-5,5 m/dak – m/min
Total Electricity 4,5 kW
Total Air Pressure 6 bar
Total Air Usage 8,5 lt/dk – It/min
Working Height 860 mm
Packing Dimensions 860x980x1400 / 205 kg
Concave Dim. r: 25 mm
Convex Dim r: 10 mm
Board Length 27 cm
Hot Air Blower Power 1600 W