SCBI 1500

Log bandmills based on the use of both slanted bandsaw headrig and log carriage are suitable for processing logs from small to big diameters, no matter if they are processing soft or hard wood.

tasks. Sawmills using slanted bandsaw headrig in double cut mode can increase their production between a 12% to 16% per shift if we compare with traditional vertical log bandmills configurations. It is due to:

Loading, rotating and positioning of logs are easier and faster

Logs are tightly fastened due to the V-Shape, this ensures more stability during the sawing process, given as a result accurate and better quality cuts, substantially optimizing the raw material.

The sawn lumber slides off smoothly onto the output road rollers with the narrow face upside due to the slanted configuration.

The slab evacuation is ensured since it is transported over its flat face.

Boards and cants are also evacuated in the most suitable way for the next process.