SCB 1500

Heavy-duty steel frame, bearings in cast iron, axles in high resistance steel and flywheels in FG-25 cast iron at dynamic balancing.

Push blade guide in high abrasion resistant material, hydraulically operated to do the up and down movements, which allows a greater stability of the blade and higher cuttings speeds.

Automatic, stable and hydraulic operated blade tension device.

Centralized lubrication of blade and flywheel face by automatic carriage control switchboard.

Single or double (optional) cutting system.

The machine is completely enclosed so as to avoid access to dangerous parts. Stops automatically in case of covers opening.

Easy aperture of covers to blade change.

Hydraulic and electric pack incorporated.

Automatic disc brake in the lower flywheel (stops in maximum 10 seconds).

All the operations can be remote controlled from the log pump.

Safety requirements in compliance with EC regulations.

Proximity detector between the log and the blade.

Machine mounted on steel frame or concrete walls.

Mat for slab conveying.

Double cutting system.