Type SLV – H

Hydraulic presses for edge gluing panels


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The press is designed for cold edge gluing of various elements into a boards, profiles and other laminated parts with cold drying.

Pressing is carried out by hydraulic cylinders. Pressing units can be moved to the left and right. The aligning units are driven manually from the working areas on each sided of the press prior to the loading of work pieces. Each aligning unit has 1 hydraulic cylinder. Running rails are extended on both sides of the press. The press has the option of later extension.

Operating is performed by manually operated hydraulic valves.


Technical data

Operating length 2500 – 20000 mm
Operating height 1000 – 1500 mm
Operating thickness 100 – 220 mm
Number of section 1 – 10
Number of pressing cylinders 6 – 24
Specific pressure 5 – 12 kg/cm2
Number of aligning unit 2 – 12
max. Working pressure 160 bar