Assembling presses


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The press is intended for quick and high quality assembling of window frames, door and etc.

The standard version of press usually has 3 vertical pressing units and two horizontal pressing units. Besides it has elements that enable pressing windows with incline upper sides (irregular forms- option).

Basically the pressis intended for assembling frames, but it can be used also for edge gluing. For the smaller quantities only standard vertical pressing units can be used, for larger quantities of edge gluings additional vertical pressing units can be mounted.

With a specially added pieces to the press, i.e. electrically heated pressing lath, solid trimmings can be glued onto chipboard or veneer edged performed.


Technical data

Operating length 2500 – 4500 mm
Operating height 1800 – 2600 mm
Operating thickness 80 – 120 mm
Number of vertical pressing units 3 – 5
Number of horizontal pressing cylinders 2
max. Pressure per cylinder 1300 – 3000 kp
max. Working pressure 30 – 160 bar